COTES Engineering professionals performed reverse engineering of the SKYWAY suspended passenger aerial cable way (red cabins) at Sheregesh Alpine Resort (MALCA complex).

At the beginning of 2017 fire destroyed totally the top terminal of the cable way along with the control system which included electrics and SIEMENS harware-based distributed control system. COTES Engineering professionals made design for replacement of the main cable way drive with domestic one, as well as for interfacing that new main drive with upgraded DCS on the basis of recovered SIEMENS automatics. COTES Engineering programmers developed and implemented tailor-made software for the cable way control. Upgraded system provides fully safe and reliable control of the aerial cable way cabins and operation of the emergency automatics.

Since March, 2018 the cable way has been successfully started and resumed into operation.

 SkyWay1 SkyWay6

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