Efremova3COTES Engineering professionals have done upgrade of the PAO Tyazhstankogidropress heat supplying 20 MW gas-fired boiler house in Novosibirsk. The project provides for replacement of decommissioned water heating boilers with new ones (2 boilers by ENTROROS of 10 MW each) and implementation of fully automated operation. COTES Engineering completed the whole set of works: design, installation, supply, programming, commissioning and implementation of the distributed control system. The project has been implemented by using the lease financing mechanism.

In June 2017 the Company's professionals started development of the project and in December the new boiler house has already been put into operation. At the first stage one 10 MW boiler and the first-stage common boiler equipment were installed. Specially for the boiler house COTES Engineering professionals developed modern universal software and hardware complex on the basis of Siemens (Simatic S7 serires PLC) and MasterSCADA software and hardware. Since December the boiler house is operated automatically, without service personnel. Depending on the outdoor weather conditions, the coolant temperature changes automatically by the optimal boiler circuits control system, thus providing significant fuel saving and balanced heat supply of the plant.

Refurbishment of the boiler house by using new equipment and implementing distributed process control system allowed provision of fully safe and cost-efficient heat supply of the plant. On the next stage it is planned to install the second water heating gas-fired boiler and put the whole set of the common boiler equipment into operation. The implemented software and hardware complex enables keeping of performance records and displaying the graphs for all boiler house parameters retrospectively.

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