Professionals from COTES Engineering implement the systems for automatic control of district heating pumps, fans and pumps using LV and HV variable frequency drives (VFD) for power plants and industrial facilities and are in a position to provide a full range of services on a turn-key basis.

Advantages of systems for automatic control of VFD pumps

Application of control systems with a frequency converter results in better equipment control, saved fuel and energy resources, reduced risk of human errors. Systems with a frequency converter are considered to be among the most efficient green energy saving technologies in the world. Professionals from COTES Engineering have experience in designing, supplying and adjusting the systems with VFD at large enterprises of the industrial sector and power generating industry.

Where VFD systems for pumps and fans can be used

Automatic control system for boiler IDFs, fans and district heating pumps can be installed at all power plants, in boiler houses, pumping stations and industrial facilities. Turn-key solutions with frequency converters for electrical motors in a modular building are possible.