COTES Engineering jointly with its partners offers an off-the-shelf solution of the challenges related to ash and slag handling. We are are prepared to develop and implement an efficient system that would allow a reduced number of ash dumps, mitigation of the negative impact on the environment, more efficient usage of power plant resources and earning more money. We undertake a full range of engineering works (examination, design, construction and assembling operations, supply, setup).

Advantages of comprehensive handling of bottom ash waste

Today, there are about 350 coal-fired power plants and CHP plants in Russia, with the majority of the same using wet bottom ash handling systems and ash dumps. When the power plants featuring wet ash handling systems switch to dry ones, it allows the operators to achieve high boiler efficiency, save electricity and water consumption, and avoid environmental fines. High technological availability of equipment and technologies for dry ash handling systems allows the engineers to create dependable systems ensuring the possibility to supply to consumers 100% of bottom ash generated.

Main advantages of switching to dry bottom ash handling system include the following:

  • Reduced number of ash dumps or complete elimination of the same.
  • Reduced water consumption by a power plant.
  • Reduced BOP electricity consumption.
  • No need for water clearing/treatment as compared to a wet ash handling system.
  • Reduced costs for ash dumps handling (topping, etc.).
  • Improved boiler efficiency due to bottom ash cooling and after-burning.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • No corrosion and damages of lining and boiler parts (because water is not used).
  • Improved conditions for power equipment operation.
  • Improved dependability and fail-safe behaviour of power plant equipment.
  • Additional income due to sales of marketable ash and slag materials to consumers.
  • Reduced expenditures for environmental fines and penalties.
  • Reduced emissions and adverse environmental impact.

Where the systems for comprehensive ash handling can be used

COTES Engineering jointly with Fenix Consortium is in a position to provide front-end engineering and prepare a preliminary feasibility study for switching to dry ash handling system for any coal-fired power plant in Russia and CIS countries.