Professionals from COTES Engineering provide a full range of services to implement the systems for solid fuel combustion in fast fluidized-bed boilers on a turn-key basis, including examination, design, construction and assembling operations, supply, and setup.

Advantages of fuel burning in low-temperature fluidized-bed boilers

Fast fluidized bed boilers are the equivalent of modern circulating fluidized-bed (CFB) boilers used in large-scale power industry. The application of these boilers ensures cost efficient combustion of various coals in a low-temperature fluidized bed with minimum emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.

Possible fields for fast fluidized-bed technology application:

  • Green-field construction and switching to burning a wide range of coals, production waste, low-grade fuels;
  • Retrofit, including replacement of life-expired equipment. Fast FB boilers can be easily integrated into standard existing boiler houses and provide higher power output compared to replaced equipment;
  • Refurbishment due to the need to use new fuel and/or to utilize such combustible refuse as waste coal, wood waste, bottom ash from stoker-fired boilers.

Where fast fluidized-bed boilers can be used

COTES Engineering provides design, engineering and installation of the systems for solid fuel burning in a fast fluidized bed at all types of plants: power plants, boiler houses, and industrial facilities.