COTES Engineering implements comprehensive deployment of safe oil ignition systems making use of high-energy spark igniters, scanners and flame detectors.

Advantages of automatic boiler ignition using igniter assemblies

The systems of automatic ignition have been successfully used at the thermal power plants in Western and Eastern Europe, as well as at a number of stations in Russia. Major components of the systems for direct ignition of oil flame using igniter assemblies are high-energy igniters and selective flame detectors.

The application of automatic ignition systems ensures the following:

  • Boiler ignition and start-up process is automatized,
  • Fire safety of ignition process is improved,
  • Boiler operation is reliable and safe.

Automatic ignition systems can be installed in the burners of coal-fired, gas-fired and oil-fired boilers at the enterprises of the energy sector and petrochemical industry. COTES Engineering implements its projects both in Russia, CIS countries, and abroad.