COTES Engineering implements comprehensive deployment of systems for oil-free ignition and stabilization of pulverized coal flame for boilers based on the fuel ignition electroionization technology.

Advantages of electroionization igniters for fuel ignition

The technology is based on electrochemical ignition mechanism through intensification of ionisation processes in the boundary layer of the flame base. The technology was first tried by COTES-Nauka in 2009, and it was protected by patent No.2410603.

The effect of a diffuse electric discharge on a pre-flame zone ensures that heterogeneous chemical reactions proceed at low temperatures even prior to devolatilization, which allows ignition of cold air-fuel mixture and provides flame combustion of low-reactivity fuel.

The application of oil-free ignition systems ensures the following:

  • No additional pilot fuel is required;
  • Fuel combustion conditions are optimized;
  • The range of coals fired is larger;
  • The range of boiler loads is extended;
  • Fire safety of ignition process is achieved;
  • Environmental performance is improved;
  • Boiler ignition and start-up process is automatized.

The application of electroionization ignition technology enables oil-free boiler combustion support and ignition, and ensures stable fuel combustion, in particular, at low loads. The technology can be used on boilers operated at TPPs, in boiler houses and industrial plants in Russia, CIS countries, and other regions.