Dmitry Serant


He is responsible for operational management of the Company, as well as for the strategy of development by all areas of activities.

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Felix Serant

Deputy CEO

He is responsible for innovative components of projects, following all novel global and Russian developments, realization of own research and development activities and offering state-of-the-art and cost-efficient solutions to be implemented within each project of the company.

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Sergei Kuchanov

Technical Director

His scope of responsibility includes engineering components of all projects of the company, namely, their quality, accurancy and a focus on innovation. Mr. Kuchanov makes proposals as to resolution of engineering problems and participates in implementation of approved solutions.

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Alexei Kolegov

Deputy CEO

He is responsible for implementation of strategic areas of the company and interaction with key customers.

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Anton Serant

Deputy CEO

He has worked for OOO COTES Engineering since 2017, bearing responsibility for a series of key projects and customers of the company.

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Vitaly Kuchanov

Chief Engineer

He is responsible for successful implementation of all large-scale works of the company. His scope of responsibility includes project management, observance of deadlines and quality of implementation.

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Dmitry Seleznev

Deputy Technical Director

He is responsible for proper implementation of all projects of the company in terms of engineering. His experience, professionalism and high qualification allow high-quality performance of sophisticated works on the short-term basis.

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