In 2018 COTES continues working on installation of frequency converters in Linevo boiler house to provide considerable energy saving. Also development of the strategy of conversion of the boiler house into a small CHP plant is in progress. COTES makes design of soda recovery boiler reconstruction installed at Ust-Ilimsk Pulp and Paper Mill, as well as feasibility study for the cycle arrangement optimization of the Chitinskaya CHP-1 plant.


COTES professionals completed the design of the water chemistry monitoring system for Ust-Ilimsk Pulp and Paper Mill boilers, as well as of construction of packaged steam boiler houses for extra-heavy oil production in AO Tatneft. COTES audited four power plants belonging to Sibeco and Biyskenergo. COTES carried out pilot combustion of off-grade coal at the Vorkutinskaya CHP-2 plant, as well as performed the analysis followed by the issue of recommendations for 7 boilers. COTES completed the project of Tsentralnaya CHP plant boilers switching to reduced parameters in city of Novokuznetsk, and comprehensive current condition diagnostics of main and auxiliary equipment of the Yurginskaya CHP plant's facilities. December, 2017 - successful startup of a new boiler house for PAO Tyazhstankogidropress which has been completed on a turn-key basis. October, 2017 - COTES celebrated its 25th anniversary with best friends and partners invited.

2015 2016

Two CCPP units, 247.5 MW each, Chelyabinskaya GRES, were put into commercial operation. COTES prepared preliminary feasibility study for the Rubtsovskaya CHP plant. For Zatonskaya CHP-5 plant COTES provided services for both design and supply of turbine unit vibration-isolating foundations. In 2015 COTES started adaptation of the operating documentation of 1320 MW Balkhashskaya CHP plant. Issue of the operating documentation has been resumed after conclusion of the power purchase agreement by Zatonskaya CHP plant. COTES started work on design of the 195 MW Primorskaya CHP plant in Kaliningrad. A solid step towards promotion of the circular furnace boiler became the recommendation of InterRAO Scientific and Technical Council to consider the boiler for all newly constructed and upgraded coal-fired plants owned by the holding.

2013 2014

COTES Group implements several large projects simultaneously: 3 combined-cycle power units, 250 MW each, for the Chelyabinskaya GRES; two combined-cycle power units, 450 MW each, in Nizhny Novgorod; 440 MW combined-cycle power unit for the Zatonskaya CHP plant in Ufa; design of the second 110 MW stage of pulverized coal-fired unit for the Blagoveshchenskaya CHP plant. The professionals from COTES, together with an Italian company Magaldi, implement the first dry ash handling system for a 800 MW unit boiler at the Berezovskaya GRES. In 2013, the engineers from COTES successfully commission automated process control system for a 300 MW unit at the Ugljevik TPP Together with Chinese SDEPCI, COTES Group prepares preliminary feasibility study of different construction options for the largest coal power plant - 8 GW Erkovetskaya TPP. The feasibility study for the construction of a substitute energy source for Azot Chemical Plant is developed. Together with Pöyry, a global consulting and engineering firm, COTES supervises installation and commissioning of newly built power units with CFB boilers at the Narva power plant (Estonia).

2011 2012

Together with a Finnish company Pöyry, the project for relocation of 600 MW CCPP construction to a new site in Moscow is developed. Under the contract with the major energy companies - Inter RAO, RAO UES of East, Fortum - COTES designs three large combined-cycle power plants at once: in Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod and Ufa. Several pre-feasibility studies are completed: upgrading of unit No.7 at the Cherepetskaya GRES, TPP construction in Arkhangelsk Region, TPP construction at Ozerny Mining and Processing Complex, as well as for the Bishkek CHP plant expansion. Projects are dynamically implemented in Kazakhstan, namely, at Astaninskaya CHP-3 and CHP-2 plants , and Karagandinskaya CHP-3. Basic design for the rehabilitation and upgrading of power unit No.8 at Ekibastuzskaya GRES-1 is completed. 500 MW unit for Ekibastuzskaya GRES-2 is under design; commissioning works at Karagandinskaya CHP-3 plant are commenced.

2009 2010

COTES Group is actively involved in the projects in Kazakhstan: it develops the design for rehabilitation of power unit No.8 at the Ekibastuzskaya GRES-1, implements a number of projects for the Karagandinskaya CHP-3 and Astaninskaya CHP-2 plants. At the beginning of 2009, design engineers from COTES started designing 500 MW power unit No.3 of the Ekibastuzskaya GRES-2, and already in November, Gosekspertiza (State Expert Review Board) issued its Clear Opinion for the project. The project for the refurbishment of the firing system for a 300 MW power unit No.5 of the Reftinskaya GRES is under way. A great amount of work on design of motor car dealership centers and other projects is performed by the Civil Engineering Division of COTES.

2007 2008

In 2007, COTES Group of companies celebrated its 15th anniversary. The analysis elicited that during 15 years the engineers from COTES had completed over 300 design projects, more than 250 projects in automation, over 200 commissioning projects, 76 financial feasibility studies and preliminary feasibility studies, and 41 integrated projects. In 2007, several large-scale projects were commissioned at once, namely, comprehensive design, commissioning and APCS equipment of peak redundancy boiler house of OAO Tomskenergo completed by COTES; Teplovaya-2 substation in Zheleznodorozhny district of Novosibirsk built as per COTES design. In June, 2007, COTES as an EPC Contractor completed installation and commissioning of a new boiler at Mechel's CHP plant.

2004 2006

The years of dramatic development and growth of COTES Group. Dozens of large projects are implemented simultaneously both in Russia and abroad: in Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, and Morocco. There were several large commissions, including startup of turbine ot the Novosibirsk CHP-3 plant and the 200 MW coal-fired power unit at the Novosibirsk CHP-5 plant. ZAO SibCOTES acts as an EPC Contractor in the project of construction of boiler house for the Chkalov Aircraft Production Association.

2002 2003

Overseas projects still dominate the available stock of orders: The largest projects are implemented by COTES at Skawina TPP in Poland, Obrenovac TPP, Ugljevik TPP, Gacko TPP and Kostolac TPP in former Yugoslavia. Many projects were implemented in Russia as well: in the power plants owned by Kuzbassenergo, Tomskenergo, and Irkutskenergo. In April 2003, an Agreement was signed between Novosibirskenergo and ZAO SibCOTES stating that the company was appointed as the General Designer of Novosibirskenergo. COTES Group of companies starts to actively develop a new business line, namely, civil engineering.

1997 2001 2

COTES Group enters the Kazakhstan market: the first projects are implemented in the power plants (GRES) in Ekibastuz. New business lines come into being: turbine equipment commissioning, uptake of distributed control systems for production processes. The Company implements the projects at large facilities throughout Russia (Berezovskaya GRES-1, Yuzhno-Kuzbasskaya GRES, Norilskaya CHP-1 plant), continues its work abroad - in Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Romania. Industrial prototype of circular furance boiler Е-820 was successfully commissioned in the Novo-Irkutskaya CHP plant in 1997. In 2001, Research and Development Board of RAO UES of Russia recommended the circular furnace boiler for commercial operation. Today, a unique octahedral design of the furnace chamber is in the centre of the COTES' logo, it has become the symbol of all the companies of COTES Group.

1993 1996

Fledgling and development years under the guidance of Feliks Serant. One of the first projects was implemented at the Tunçbilek power plant in Turkey. Despite some general recession in the Russian power industry, the management of the company succeeded in doing their best so that the key experts remained with the company. COTES is actively involved in the following projects overseas: in india, Cuba, Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Romania and China.


The very beginning of the history of COTES Group of companies. Commissioning company COTES was founded on 13 October, 1992. Its co-founders included OAO ZiO, OAO Sibenergomash, foreign trade association Teсhnopromexport, and commissioning company Sibteсhenergo. Feliks Serant became one of the founders and CEO of the company.